My love of photography started at a young age.

I have early memories of taking polaroids of our beloved family dogs dressed in my Moms clothes!  The passion for photography led me to NYU where I graduated with a Photography Degree.

I spent the following two decades photographing bands, and taking portraits of my fine art handmade dolls. After years primarily in the fine art world, I have happily circled back to my first love.  

Photographing Dogs!

Over the years my dogs have literally saved my life.  They are 100% my Four Legged Prozac, and I owe them so much.  I like to tell my trio, that photographing dogs and showing the world how magical they are is my thank you to them and dogs everywhere.  

If you are curious about my other work, you can find it here.

In my various galleries you can see my art projects, client work and portraits of shelter and rescue animals.  

My portrait sessions are something I take great pride in — my goal is to create a work of art you can hang up and smile at for years to come.

I look forward to meeting your amazing pets and captruing their sweet souls and personalities. 

*and YES!! I happily photograph all pets! Cats, Rabbits, Horses, Lizards, etc are all welcome :-)