Christy Kane - Fine Art Photographer

I have been active in the fine art world for over two decades.

I received my degree in photography from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Over the years I have photographed countless bands and artists but my main focus is on photo portraits of fine art dolls that I hand embroider.   My doll photos illustrated my first book which was a collection of cautionary tales, one of which was turned into a short film with the help of famed puppeteers The Chiodo Bros.  You can see more on my doll work over here.  

I have been a dog lover my whole life.  As a kid I used to dress up our Weimaraner Blitz in my Mom’s clothing & take Polaroids of her.  She was the ultimate model.  After years of varied photography projects, I decided to combine my love of photography with my love of animals & KANE 9 photo was born.

My three dogs are in many of these shots; they are natural models in so many ways.  I also volunteer doing photos for animal rescues of their adoptable animals, it’s a real privilege photographing these animals and I adore it.

My goal is to give you something classic and unique all at the same time.  Every animal is different and I love capturing their personalities.  I like to do the setting of your choice. We can do a portrait in my studio, or I can come to you and capture them in their world, or meet you at their favorite park.  It’s up to you. Prices vary.  The main focus its to give you something truly unique that will be a more than just a photo, it will be a treasured work of art with your pet as the subject.

I look forward to meeting your pet and capturing their amazing personality!